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Capture Leads

  • Capture 300% more leads from your database
  • Conversion-optimized lead management system
  • Qualify leads according to business requirements

Convert Leads

  • #1 lead conversion software for prospect
  • Improve your lead conversion rate by 50%
  • Automated Conversion Rate Optimization

Nurture Leads

  • Customized content to target audiences
  • Engage prospects with the best-rated CRM
  • 47% larger revenue through nurture leads



  • Streamline workflows through the sales funnel
  • Personalize through multiple channels
  • Track campaign performance automatically

Marketing Planner

  • Organize the content strategy
  • Plan Publish and Follow-up on marketing activities
  • Advanced business planner for targeted outreach



  • Integration of marketing channels
  • Run SMS, email and voice mail campaigns
  • Advanced CRM system to reach the right audiences

More Focus, More Visibility, More Deals Won

Boost your development through Sales, Marketing, and Service Automation. Effectively and quickly execute tasks. Collaborate with teams, build productivity-boosting workflows. You Can also use Leadbadge CRM to scale the services with advanced analytics.

What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Today's

Business Owners?



Attracting Customers

A CRM system gives you the knowledge of what your customers need, by telling you what products or services they're interested in, have asked for or have already bought. You also know what problems they have had before, and whether they were happy with the solutions you offered them.



Generate Traffic

Although business owners spend a lot of cash to drive website traffic, a high rate of conversion is never a guarantee. All type of businesses need to build a plan to help they find leads that are most likely to be converted.



Manage Data

Dealing with unstructured data is one of the major challenges organizations can face. When you're searching for important sale information, this can become a much more significant problem. A CRM solution would centralize all of your knowledge and make it easier for you to find the exact data that you need when you need it.



Irregular Workflows

Getting a CRM solution ensures that you can standardize the workflows of different activities and tasks. When every worker knows how specific tasks should be done and knows how to enter specified data into the system, it makes for less uncertainty and improved efficiency. So it will go much easy to use crm yours and your employee's job.



Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Without the marketing team, sales wouldn’t have anyone to follow up with and, without the sales team, marketing doesn’t have a clear goal. CRM is a great way to encourage or improve communication between your marketing and sales teams. They’re strongly connected but often separate from each other in a business setting. So, the communication and sharing of information become simple with crm.




Reporting helps organizations to recognize customer behavior, optimize the experience, and raise retention. It is not just retention; If you have to get it right, CRM reporting will help companies correctly conduct and sell.

Benefits of CRM for Different Type of Industries

Real Estate Industry

CRM software systems help real estate agents efficiently and productively manage their businesses with minimal wasted time while improving the personalization of their communications. you can expect the system to help you manage real estate leads, track lead generation campaigns, manage contacts, manage your calendar, and stay on top of real estate trends by providing you seamless access to various real estate lead websites.

Hotel Industry

CRM software can help you create personalised customer journeys. As consumers use more and more devices to interact with brands — like the 46% of millennials who book travel through a smartphone or tablet — CRM software can help you connect with consumers across each device. The resulting additional data allows you to more effectively personalise the messages sent to consumers, delivering the right offers at exactly the right time and place.

Travel Industry

The travel agency needs to handle various sections of the tour, including management of ticket bookings, planning of travel, lodging, management of daily plans, etc. The travel CRM program lets you combine these various tasks on a single platform instead of separately handling these tasks on a different basis. Leadbadge CRM will track the entire pipeline of events and upcoming bookings and streamline your promotional tasks.

E-Commerce Industry

The CRM or e-commerce organize your scattered data together and gives sales and marketing teams a single view of your leads. To target the correct leads, it also offers much-needed insights. These valuable insights will allow insightful decision-making, enhance the retention of customers, and increase your sales. Leadbadge CRM is a multi-purpose CRM system for all e-commerce companies to survive and succeed in this highly competitive market. It allows you to attract the best leads, segment, track metrics, eliminates manual tasks, and target online shoppers based on their information.

Automotive industry

Leadbadge CRM can help manage the automotive sector and strengthen its customer relationships and help manage the process of automotive delivery. It helps prospective customers to search the models of the vehicle and pick the correct one before visiting your store and increases customer experience months before the actual purchase through online communication. Minimizes cases of lost leads as distributors and follow-up to pursue and complete the deal with the customer.

Health industry

A CRM framework will help medical professionals with the powerful processing of information and also improve long-lasting patient-care provider relationships, resulting in lower spending and resilient facilities. To provide a holistic view of patient behaviors and activities, the CRMs weave together various data sources such as customer and patient demographics, psychographics, social, mental, clinical, financial, website, contact center, provider credentialing.

What OUR CRM Offer For Your Business

Manage Your Pipeline with Total Visibility

Management of the pipeline is an incredibly important aspect of maintaining a stable sales pipeline and becomes more important each time a new lead came to the pipeline. Without support from IT, add, edit and delete deal phases and properties, and drive deals forward by assigning tasks to your team. When they are successful, then drag and drop deals between stages. You know the targets, you know the specifications, and you just need to keep track of where the particular individual is in the pipeline.

See Everything About a Lead in One Place

Go way beyond names and job titles. Every interaction with a lead is stored in a tidy timeline, including calls, emails, meetings, and notes. You’ll never need to dig through a messy inbox or spreadsheet to figure out where a relationship left off.

Better Customer Support

Using Leadbadge CRM, all customer's details, including web pages, visited past orders ad shipping details- complaints, exchange requests, order issues, delivery issues or any other category. also, can be accessed by your sales staff. With immediate access to this information, your team can easily tackle any problem posed by the client.

Email Tracking and Leads Nurturing Automation

Our CRM enables you to create email templates, segment lists, and schedule campaigns. Track the outbound text, who opens it, who looks at the attachments, then nurtures the leads into drip sequences of automatic email marketing, and quickly filters and adds emails to Constant Touch. Run discount campaigns.

Contact Management

Keep in contact with your customers wherever, anytime by CRM. Efficiently record and track full contact information and correspondence such as first name, last name, title, email address, phone, mailing address, etc. Easily import contacts that you have obtained from different sources can be found in the contact list. For clear communication connections, describe contact activities, tasks, and events. To keep a record of ongoing conversations, you can also keep track of phone calls and emails with each contact.

Get Details Sales Reports and Forecasts

Spot issues before things go off-track. Gain instant visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions in real-time and complete with order timeline, delivery and return reports, seasonality, and more from across all your platforms. Using this report, can build better relationships and prepare strong marketing that resonates with your customers.

We're Here To Helping You To Boost Your Sales Rate By Up To 46%

Leadbadge is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed with your business. Automations do admin tasks for you. It will refine your winning strategy and set even bigger targets.

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Customer Testimonial

I had a small issue with some stats, and as I needed them very urgently. Wrote a mail to support, and they were very fast. Thank you guys for your outstanding attitude, and help. I recommend Leadbadge to everybody. Worth the money.

Arpad Czimbalmos

Marketing Administrator

Leadbadge has played an important role in standardizing our program. We now have more than 9,000 sellers using our services. The functionalities we've added have evolved Leadbadge CRM beyond just lead and contact management to more of a complete operational platform.

Anand Goyal

Program Leader - Service Provider Network

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